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Apologetics, Theology, Contemplation and Transformation

Learn How to Read the Bible in a Transformative Way

This programme aims and learning how to read the Bible in a transformative way. This includes learning how to discern, reflect and meditate on the nature of God and on the nature of its creatures with the the intention to seek transformation.

Howick House

Howick Park Ave, Penwortham, Preston PR1 0LS

Join us every Saturday Morning from 9am to 11pm


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Online - Workshops

Every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm

Each Tuesday we seek to cover one topic of each of these areas:

Apologetics, Theology, Mystical Theology, Contemplative Practices and Topics about Current Concerns

Theology for Transformation



We will analyse the word of God in the book of genesis, using the Hermeneutics of transformation to find out about the nature of God. Join us.


16 Nov 2021 (7pm to 9pm)

Booking CODE: 003

Current Concerns

The Subjective Culture

The Morality of Selfism It’s a tongue-in-cheek affirmation of a culture that puts tremendous emphasis on self, self-care, and self-display. I will explore some of the dangerous outcomes of such a culture.


23 Nov 2021 (7pm to 9pm)

Booking CODE: 004

Mystical Theology

An examination of

"The Powers of the Soul"


Catherine of Siena


30 Nov 2021 (7pm to 9pm)

Booking CODE: 005

All of our programmes, workshops and contemplative classes are designed to aim at two things; helping you to know God and to know yourself.

We want to reach all audiences and ages.

Although some of the theological topics are difficult to understand, we are committed to making them available to you.

Helping people to know God and themselves more intimately and deeply through theological understanding and mystical practices. this is the primary goal of our workshops and programmes.

In short, our programs seek to reduce our self-love to allow our souls to be transformed by God's love.


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